Refund Policy

    Refund Policy

    If you cancel the order before it is shipped, we will refund the entire amount. Please call us or email us at to notify us about the cancellation.

    Optic House offers you a 14-days Peace of Mind Guarantee on all products that you purchase from us. To qualify for this, the Contact lenses must be in an absolutely unworn and brand new condition and must be returned with the original sealed box, instruction papers, warranty and other accessories if any. Make sure you have not opened the box or any of the lenses in the box. Opened boxes will not be taken back even if there are unused lenses in the box.

    When we receive the item, we will inspect it to ensure everything is present and in it’s in original condition and then issue either a full refund or a different item in exchange, as per your request. Your money will be refunded in full within 7 days of the receipt of the product.

    If you inform us post 72 hours about the product being broken or damaged, we will be more than happy to repair the product for you.(as per the product warranty). Please feel free to email us to inform and send the product back to us.

    Received Incorrect or Damaged goods?

    If case the box in which the item has arrived has extensive visible damage, you are requested to contact our customer support as soon as possible at or +91 9727 765 216.
    We will ask you to return the product to us and arrange a courier back.

    Your Prescription Changes Few months Later

    If case you have a sealed lens box you purchased from us and your power changes, you can contact us at and request for an exchange. Depending on the product, we may accept the product back and give you the new power of the same product.


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